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This site contains select links to Narara Ecovillage information and to collaborative living and co-housing material previously shared through the Collaborative-living channel of the Slack group "Narara Ecovillage Friends" and at CLaN meetings. Links will be updated as more information is shared.

The Narara Ecovillage does not endorse any particular model, individual or business listed on this site but simply provides these links for you to explore some collaborative living ideas and options. The listing of specific businesses is intentionally limited.

Please note that some of the material accessible through this site is copyright.

To find out more about Collaborative Living at Narara (CLaN) or join the Slack group "Narara Ecovillage Friends" please email

This site was developed in collaboration with Collective Know-How - the Narara Ecovillage education centre.

Narara Ecovillage Resources

Architectural Designs (this material is copyright)

The following plans were commissioned and paid forward by a small group of CLaN members - click below to find out more:

Origin of the Large House Plans

In early 2021, a couple of CLaN members recognised the need for a tangible house plan, one that explored what was actually possible on one of the large lots in Stage 2 of the Narara Ecovillage development, and that explored Local and State government planning permissions. Their enthusiasm for engaging an architect with experience at the Narara Ecovillage inspired three other CLaN members to participate in the funding, provided that the dream and need for universal design be incorporated. Thus, Graham Hunt from Delisle Hunt Wood (DHW) Architecture and Design and his team brought forward several ideas based on maximum yield for one of the large lots at the Ecovillage. A brief was formed, and the DHW team created several designs based on maximum yield on Lot 91. The CLaN team and Graham have kindly agreed to share the plans with the rapidly forming Collaborative Living groups at the Ecovillage. If you are keen to be in a co-housing cohort and use these house designs, you may choose to reimburse the original CLaN team who paid forward for these plans. In contributing to this slush fund, you will help realise the dream for a universal design house (see FAQs). For further information please email this CLaN Team contact. To develop any of these house designs, you must first contact DHW Architecture and Design to use these copyright plans. 

 If you would like to use any of these plans for a full build application then please contact DHW Architecture and Design for the copyright:

  • Large House Concept 1_060621 - this file contains a large house plan in line with Central Coast Council planning regulations for R2 zone
  • Large House Concept 2_090621 - this file contains an alternative large house plan in line with Council regulations, and a multi-unit/townhouse plan only possible if the Ecovillage's Planning Proposal (rezoning) submitted in February 2021 is approved by Council (approval process can take around 18 months)

Collaborative Living and Co-housing


Government sites, legal articles

Books, Manuals

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Some Australian examples

  • NewCohsustainable neighbourhood underway in inner Newcastle (NSW( of architect designed apartments and townhouses with community facilities and gardens that you co-own. Members handbook contains list of resources and links on last page
  • Christie Walk: an inspiring multi-residential infill development on the edge of the Adelaide CBD, accommodating 27 dwellings and approximately 40 residents on a 2,000m2 lot. Dwelling types include apartments, town house and detached cottages
  • Chrysalis Co-Housing:  community-initiated housing projects (Baugruppen model) on the Sunshine Coast