NEV's 3D Village Development Model

Production of a NEV 3D Village development model was envisioned as a computer based tool to be utilised by members to help them visualise, measure, share and develop options and solutions to location and aspect issues that may arise during the development of their homes the village and its surrounds. This includes the visualisation of house placement and solar access at different times of the year. Beyond that it may be useful to identify future community developments, businesses, and their visual and practical impacts on the Village site. Model accuracy will increase as we transition towards a greater level of photogrammetric data input.

The basis of the current ‘master’ model is a combination of up to date topographic survey data, civil engineering plans and photogrammetric and hand modelling. As the Village physically continues to be developed and added to the information in the ‘Model’ will also need to be updated to remain representative.  It is however expected that much of the terrain and surrounding tree canopy as well as permanent structures and roads once established will not change significantly or quickly and are thus likely to remain similarly unchanged in future versions of the model.

A copy of the current model can be viewed and explored within the free to download Google Sketchup (Make)

This program enables the user to not only view, zoom and rotate the model of the village site but also to create virtual scale models of their own home and place them onto the virtual terrain where their lot is planned to be within the village.  

To best utilise the Sketchup Make program, members will need to learn some basics to do with the 3D modelling interface. They can either teach themselves using trial and error, get taught or through resources such as YouTube video tutorials or the extensive help menu within Sketch up. This program is also known to Architects who may be willing to provide their design to a member to add to the model. The master model can’t be written over by accident but a copy can be made of it and that copy can be played with on your own computer to your hearts content. If you want to add something to the master model it must be sent in to Julian Bassett or Grant Rickey and if its appropriate (need to work out protocols) it can be added.  

To this end, Tom Gillan who is a friend of the Village and who trains people in Sketchup is also currently working with the Building and Infrastructure Team, Building Standards working group to finesse and improve the function and visual appeal of our model. 

Tom has already generously added several ‘planned’ dwellings onto lots 2 through 6 into the the model which provides a clear idea to all of what may be planned there. The tree ‘canopy’ are still being added (red stuff) and so new versions of the master model will appear from time to time. 

The editing permission for this page is controlled by B&I Team. The page and its attachment is uncontrolled when printed or when saved on a personal electronic device.     

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  1. thanks Julian & Grant. Absolutely fab

  2. Hi Julian,  This looks great! Congratulations to you and Tom for getting it together.  Can you show me how the shadow study functions works and how the view point can be changed when running a shadow study?

  3. Hey Grant Rickey has this been updated recently?

    1. No Lincoln,  This is was the first edit and has not been updated since June 2017.  Let me know your thoughts for changes.