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The admin team at the NEV Co-Operative have set up individual NextCloud folders for each lot in Stage 1 of our development. The folders are part of the Co-operative's Nextcloud file storage service.  A new Lot Owner receives an invitation to share the NextCloud folder set up for their lot. The invite will be sent to you and to the Sustainable Design Appraiser assigned to your lot.  Your NextCloud folder is accessible to the Co-Operative's Admin Team and to NEV's Building Review Panel. It will not be shared with any other lot owner, however, once you accept the invitation you can elect to share your Nextcloud folder with anyone you choose - for example your designer or your builder.  You can also choose to synchronise the folder with your computer which allows desktop access to your design files.



After you have joined NextCloud the NEV lot folder will be visible each time you log into your account online. You can also link to your online lot folder through the Wiki. Your Sustainable Design Appraiser can show you how

You will submit your designs for NEV approval by uploading your design files to your folder called BRP Submission folder.  You can do this yourself or you can share your folder with your designer and ask them to do it on your behalf.

Design files can be uploaded progressively for each Approval Step as you arrive at that step in your Approval Pathway. NEV's Design Approval Checklist lists each document needed for each Approval Step.  

After you have uploaded a document, or documents, to your folder you are asked to tick it off from the list provided in the Design Approval Checklist the document(s) you have just submitted and file this in your submission folder.

For assistance templates, forms and reports that you can download and use for both your statutory approvals and  your NEV Building Standard approvals are available on the NEV Wiki at Building Approvals - Useful Reports and Templates.  Your SDA can advise what resources are available at this location.When your submission has been reviewed and endorsed your SDA will add an approval date to the appropriate box in the table below. If your assessor has any queries about your submission they will contact you by phone or email using the contact details provided with your NEV Wiki account profile. 




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Building Standards - Tracking Your Approval

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BIMIT:Building Standards - Tracking Your Approval
BIMIT:Building Standards - Tracking Your Approval