The following was agreed to by land team members present at land team meeting held on 16/5/20 and subsequently by all land team members by email and consented to by the Community Association Executive at their meeting held on 31st May 2020Refer 20200531 SC Notes No: 46 and CAec mtg No: 08

Recommendations made are dependent on the location of the community owned land and this was divided as follows:

  • Roadside verges
  • Common gardens/pathways – easements at the rear of properties
  • Area surrounding cluster houses
  • Other community owned land

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Roadside Verges

Agreement 1.

It was agreed that each lot owner should be encouraged to utilise the community owned land that exists between the boundary of their property and the road with the following conditions:

  • A distance of no less than 600mm should be maintained as a grassy verge to allow pedestrians to walk on
  • If a swale was in existence prior to the development of a lot this needs to be maintained as originally designed. The creation of a driveway that meets the building standard requirements is acceptable.
  • Any plantings that a lot owner may decide to plant need to be in line with the current landscape guidelines which include consideration of the following:
    • fire risk
    • shading any neighbours’ dwellings or potential dwellings
    • the potential weediness of plants
    • the potential for obstruction of vision by road users

The landscape standards and guidelines can be found on the wiki here: Schedule 2 of CMS - Landscape Standards

  • Responsibility of the maintenance of the area is completed by the lot owner
  • Building of any structures, or placement of any built structures, including retaining walls, on community owned land requires Community Association permission
  • A lot owner who wishes to plant on the roadside verge on community owned land should discuss their plans with their immediate neighbour/s.

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Common Gardens/Pathways (easements at the rear of properties)

Agreement 2.

It was agreed that each lot owner be reminded that these spaces are community owned land and the development of these needs to follow the process outlined in Elke Haege’s (landscape architect) guidelines.

This process allows for each lot owner to be involved in the planning and encourages collaboration within the neighbourhood with consideration of how the pathways link throughout the village. Support in the development of these plans is available from the land team through the landscape working group.

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Area Surrounding Cluster Houses 

It was agreed that this land falls into a similar category as the common gardens/pathways, as such, the same approach to the development of these spaces could be followed. 

However, it needs to be noted that this area falls under strata title and rules and may require special consideration.

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Other Community Owned Land

It is noted that other land across the site (this excludes the specifics of the stage 2 development) is community owned land and will be utilised in accordance with the current ‘land use masterplan’ agreed to in 2017 until, or unless, there is agreement from the membership on an alternative use of the land. The areas that are designated as food-growing areas will be used primarily for growing productive plants for the benefit of the community. The model for this may vary and could include the following:

  • commercial levels of production for sale within the community and externally
  • produce to use in our café
  • smaller scale production eg triplespan
  • allotment style production for members (and possibly the wider community) to utilise for private use at an agreed cost to the individual member
  • community garden/s

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  1. Great summary. Many thanks for your Despatch article Tony and Teresa Farrell