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NaTHERS and BASIX certificates are to be obtained by the Lot Owner as part of their design development as setout in Step 2 of the Approval Pathway described in the NEV Building Standards & Guidelines.

Below is a list NatHERS Assessors located on the central coast.  The NEV Co-Operative makes no recommendation with regard to any assessor listed and it is not mandatory for a Lot Owner to use anyone on the list. The list is provided for information only.  If you have an assessor you can recommend to the Lot Owners please let us know:

Company NameContactDiscriptionWeb Addrees
Ecological Design

John Caley 


0418 262 706

NatHERS Assessor & stormwater/rainwater designer

G.E. Hunt

Graham Hunt


0403 547 457



ABSA Accredited NaTHERS assessor and Architect

Ecodweller   Assessments

Chris Lockhart-Smith


0411 781 967

NatHERS Assessor & ABSA board member

Aspect Z Architects

Paula Zaia


0418 487 500


Architects & NatHERS assessor based in Narara

CEO Architectural Cad Design and Presentation

Graig Olsen


02 4362 3556

Building Designer & NatHERS assessor based near Wyong

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  1. My Nathers assessor was very helpful but she struggled with a few things that she wasn't familiar with since she was from out of state. I chose her because she was familiar with earthship builds. If you're doing a natural build I recommend it's someone local but with experience in assessing natural builds. 

  2. Lead for more affordable Nathers assessments from Lynn Treers: