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NEV's building standards and building approval processes are addressed in Part 4 of our Community Management Statement, the following by-laws being relevant :

41 - Building & Landscape Standards and Guidelines

42 - Building Review Panel

43 - Alterations to Building & Landscape Standards

44 - Current Copy of Building & Landscape Standards and Guidelines

45 - Building Appeals Committee 

46 - Conflict Of Interest Committee


Informal and formal approval appeals mechanism are available to Lot Owners and the following key points are noted:

  • Both Lot Owners and NEV Registered Assessor (NRAs) can seek the opinion of the Building Review Panel on any design and approval matter arising during the Lot Owner’s engagement with NRAs throughout the entire design and construction of their project.
  • The Building Review Panel at its discretion can make Interim Arrangements with Lot Owner on design matter prior to the formal submission of a design subject to the Interim Arrangement:
    • Not contravening either the Building Standards and Guidelines nor the Landscape Standards and Guidelines; and
    • Being made available to the whole NEV Community via publication on the Building Review Panels wiki page.
  • A Lot Owner may also make application to the Building Review Panel requesting additions or alterations to the Building Standards and Guidelines or the Landscape Standards and Guidelines applying either generally or to Lot Owners design. In response the Building Review Panel will refer the application to the Executive Committee of the Community Association for determination by members in a General Meeting by Special Resolution.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved by the Building Review Panel than the Lot Owner can make a written application to the Building Appeals Committee.

Need to talk to Someone?

If you would like to discuss any matter related to your home building project and the NEV's building approval processes please contact the Building Review Panel


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