The iBRP was asked to consider anomalies raised by Graham Hunt and by Andy Marlow.

The resulting Proposal for members is:

That we adopt v13 of the scoresheet, where:

  1. we use the NEV water postcode system for the BASIX water score in the scoresheet, and we enter the score when you complete the "Alternative water details" BASIX tab (you may enter a greywater system, but do not include any rainwater tank).
  2. we remove the mandatory comment, and have a small penalty for being under 40, and limit the reward for large water scores. The details proposed for SDAs and those designing right now are:
    1. that the 3 mandatory aspects are to reach 70 points, sufficient PV & 7 stars;
    2. that a NEV point is deducted for each BASIX point below 40 until you get to 30 when the NEV points are 7
    3. that 21 NEV points are now the maximum awarded when you reach 50 BASIX points or above.
  3. for a council certificate, you may need to show rainwater tanks or a greywater system on your plans to pass BASIX using the Narara postcode (which generates a valid certificate). However, an updated BASIX certificate can be applied for at construction to avoid having to install these, once our NEV water postcode system is approved."


For the Benefit of SDAs

The v13 spreadsheet has been updated with changes:

Water formula L9 as 11.1, but updated instruction to use NEV Water Treatment system in BASIX until 40 is achieved (correcting the mistake in v11.1), then do it again without for the council BASIX certificate, possibly adding water tanks etc to the drawings to comply.

Updated the water and star rating sections of the Helps tab, as well as some minor spelling updates.

The v11.1 spreadsheet has been updated with changes:

Necessary Changes

  • Lot No., Membership Surname(s): & Extra Dwelling Surname(s): to the top line
  • added Version link (to a new version history tab) to a new version control system with its own tab, adding v13 to the end. This now includes changing the file name with a _Lot X at the end (SDA’s to change the filename replacing X with to the Lot No)
  • updated the Water 40 points formula, and its clarification note after discussions with Graham Hunt and Mike Belfield to not use NEV Water Treatment system in BASIX until 40 is achieved (but this was mistaken)
  • updated the 2 cells which had incorrect subtotals (now named E18 and E23)

Other Changes

  • put the running score (“Your progressive score without bonuses is”…) at the top (since it disappeared from view when scrolling), and removed the <40 condition that brought up a “mandatory requirement not fulfilled” note for water.
  • clarified the entry note in the 7 stars line – (I put the instruction first, and then put the 7 star requirement – it was the other way around)
  • added “over 1 year” to “It is mandatory to consume less energy than is generate”.
  • updated some wrong spelling
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