This public page outlines the Steps to becoming a member of the Narara Ecovillage Co-operative.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Jazz Mozzi on


Read the provided Narara Ecovillage Community Management Statement (CMS), noting annual Community Association (CA) levies which will apply once you own a lot.


Read the provided Narara Ecovillage Disclosure Statement and the Co-operative Rules, noting annual co-op member contributions which apply irrespective of lot ownership.


Participate in a variety of at least five (5) ecovillage events within the last 12 months. Examples could include attending or helping at Open Days, online events, working bees, shared meals, workshops, parent group activities, talks or trainings.  Working alongside groups of ecovillagers with a shared objective is the best way to connect with us.


Gain some understanding of and experience in Sociocracy, the governance model used at Narara Ecovillage, through participating in a Taste of Sociocracy, other specific training, online learning and observing at least one of our Sociocratic meetings. 


Complete and return the self-reflective Membership Questionnaire to This is shared with members of the Community Circle and other members with whom you have connected to help answer any questions that arise and to support the Recommendation prepared for the Co-op Board.


A Recommendation to the Narara Ecovillage Co-op Board will be prepared for you following  an exchange of information and mutual understanding about membership of the ecovillage community.  This is sent when you are ready to complete your Application (see next step).


Complete the Co-op Application for Membership and Shares.


Ratification from the Board.


You will receive the Narara Ecovillage bank details and, when funds are cleared, you will be issued with your membership number.


The Narara Ecovillage Administration will advise the Belonging Circle, who will support you in finding out about day-to-day operations and connect you with other members of our community.  They will also include you in a special Welcome to Community.